log Capacity100,000
User Capacity5,000
Facial Capacity 10,00010,000
User Capacity 10,000
CommunicationTCP/IP, WIFI, USB,Host
Screen Dimension43-inch touch screen


our multipurpose facial recognition smart device with android
system and 43-inches big touch screen in order to provide friendly and
interactive user experience.
The Android operating system brings you unlimited potential to formulate
you solution and FaceKiosk-V43 which designed to be a mobile standalone
device, will always best-fit in the working environment.
FaceKiosk-V43 can be used for time and attendance, access control, meeting
assisting, self-service Kiosk and other solutions by customization. It can also
switch into an advertisement display panel with biometrics analysis on age,
gender even behavior, user may simply upload advertising photos and
videos from USB drives.

43-inch touch Screen
Multipurpose Facial
Recognition Smart Device
with Android System
• Multi-language(Chinese, English, Thai, Spanish,Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Korean, Persian,Indonesian, Portuguese, Cantonese)
• Fast verification recognition distance of 1-5 meters, simultaneous dynamic recognition of 3-5 people
• Support as many as 10,000 facial templates and 100,000 attendance records
• Dynamic advertisement display
• Interactive operation experiences
• Support TCP/IP, WIFI, USB Host, Blue-tooth
• Enhanced security level anti-spoofing liveness detection
• Unique registration, one facial template peruse
• Google Play available
• Strong flexibility and adaptability in application