• Hand-held type
  • Liquid nature can be judged regardless of container material.
  • Could detect the liquid that minimum capacity of 50ml
  • Data can be exported through USB interface


ZK-LD800-Portable liquid detector is a security instrument specially used for the detection of flammable and explosive liquid. It applies quasi-static computer tomography technology to measure the dielectric constant and conductivity of the measured liquid, and then determine if it is flammable and explosive. The detector can distinguish liquid explosives, gasoline, acetone, ethanol, thinner as well as other flammable and explosive liquids from water, cola, milk, fruit juice and other safe liquids without direct contact with liquid. ZK– LD800 Portable Threats Trace Detector is based on Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) … Sample type, Particulates, liquids and vapors.