ZKTeco LM-1802 Electromagnetic Door Lock Power-on to lock Working, Voltage: DC12V/24V input, Holding Force: 180kg, Weight: 1.07kg, Size: 170 x 38.5 x 21mm, Warranty – No, The Electro-Magnetic Door Lock is excellent, and you can get it at affordable prices.



Input voltageDC 12VDC 12V
Working current420 m A±5 %420 m A±5 %
Tensile force range120k g±8 %120k g±8 %
Weight1. 01 kg1.14 kg
Lock body size170x 40 x 20mm170x 40 x 20mm
Iron plate size130x 33 x 11mm130x 33 x 11mm
Interface DescriptionRed – the positive pole of the power supply; Black – negative power supplyRed – the positive pole of the power supply; Black – the negative pole of the power supply; Feedback signal output: yellow NO / green COM / white NC


LM-180 Data Sheet