ZKX6040 is an advanced dual-energy X-ray baggage inspection assistant whose capabilities include penetration of up to 35mm of steel with an optimized algorithm. Its tunnel opening is as large as 600mm by 400mm.

ZKX6040 can detect organic and inorganic substances as well as mixture accurately in all kinds of packages according to the effective atomic number of the examining objects. Benefit from the compact design with a foldable keyboard, ZKX6040 has high mobility and could be placed in hotels, government offices, transportation hubs and other occasions


Technical Characteristics
Tunnel Dimensions (W*H)
Conveyor Speed 0.20m/sec
Load on Conveyer 180kg (evenly distributed)
Conveyor Height 680 mm
Space Definition HorizontalΦ1.0mm  VerticalΦ2.0mm
Steel Penetration 35mm
Wire Resolution 38AWG
Dual-energy Detector Yes
Number of Colors in X-ray Image 3
Dimensions (L*W*H)


Package Dimensions (L*W*H) 1990mm*990mm*1485mm
Weight 380kg
Package Weight 480kg
Film Safety ASA/ISO1600 standard of film safety
Single Inspection Dosage Rate ≤1.0μGy
Operating Environment
Operating Temperature -10°C to +45°C
Storage Temperature -20°C~+60°C
Humidity 5-95%, non-condensing
Power Supply 230 VAC +/- 10% / 60/50 Hz (EU) 110 VAC +/- 10% / 60/50 Hz (US)
Power Consumption Max. 1.0 kVA
Sound Pressure 54dB
Computer Specifications
Operating System Windows 7
Intel® Braswell SoC N3160  (QC-2.24GHz)
Monitor 21” LED color
Memory Onboard 4 GB RAM
Hard Drive 1TB
USB Port 4 ports
Max. Storage Up to 200,000 scanned images
X-ray Generator
Tube Current 0.8 mA
Anode Voltage 160 kV rated
Generator Cool Seal oil cooling / 100%
Orientation Vertically upwards


ZKX6040 Data Sheet